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Bentley GTC


Bentley GTC

Rent Bentley GTC, as it is as amazing a vehicle inside as it is outside. In this version it has been given a more elegant, more refined design, with new features. It is intended that all its customers enjoy driving a prestigious car of the XXI century. The interior has a more contemporary design, all the work is done by hand. It has more legroom for rear and front passengers. They improve the leather seats and the dashboard, with a more avant-garde style. This Bentley Continental GTC stands out for its quality, technology and unique mechanicals. We find a new grill that has larger air intakes. Its new chrome inserts will leave you speechless.

It is the convertible version of the Bentley Continental GT and is the third generation of the four-seater coupe. It has a 6.0 W12 biturbo engine of 635 hp (at 6,000 rpm) and no less than 900 Nm. Bentley has achieved magnificent performance. The combination of air suspension, electronic damping and active anti-roll bars powered by 48 volts makes it a comfortable, fast, easy-to-drive car. Without forgetting its sporty, progressive and communicative touch very pleasant.


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