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Innovative and efficient, the Bombardier LearJet 45 and 45XR feature successfully integrated modern technology into a classic design to create a lightweight medium-range private jet which is not only fast but also of the highest quality. With shorter take-off distances and a greater range than its predecessors, the Bombardier LearJet 45 and 45XR are excellent choices for a medium or long length flight or reaching some airports with a shorter runway. Impressive performance has been effortlessly combined with an interior which is luxurious and exceptionally comfortable, providing the perfect space to work or relax on your journey.

Reaching up to a top speed of 543mph, the Bombardier LearJet 45 and 45XR are excellent medium aircraft choices for passengers looking for quick luxury private jet travel for medium to long journeys. Eight large windows line each side of the aircraft, showering you and your guests in natural light and up to eight passengers can comfortably travel in the luxury surroundings within. Usually in a double club layout, private jet travellers will benefit from opulent leather upholstery and sumptuously soft carpet, perfectly paired with wooden panelling for an undeniably lavish setting in which you can work or relax on your journey.



Size & Comfort

Both models feature exceptional amounts of leg and head space and the LearJet 45XR enhances this further, following some small improvements to passengers’ personal space. The luxury seating can recline, swivel and track, allowing you to alter your environment to suit your travelling occasion. Onboard one of these medium private hire jet models, you can enjoy some quite time alone as you travel, socialise with family or even host a team briefing en route to a big event, the versatile Bombardier LearJet 45 and 45XR makes an excellent choice for passengers looking for luxury travel for both business and leisure.

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Folding tables and arm rests are delicately hidden away within the luxury view, and can be used for additional comfort, support and working space. A large and luxurious private bathroom features to the rear of the cabin and a small preparation area allows for your personal flight crew to provide refreshments for you and your guests.

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