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Ferrari 488 GTB


Ferrari 488 GTB

If you want to rent Ferrari 488 GTB you should know that it is the successor to the Ferrari 458 Italia. This model offers you incredible aerodynamics and a perfect engine. In addition, combined with dynamic controls of the vehicle, it thus improves its response on the road.

It is a versatile sports car, which means that it is more suitable for your enjoyment in all kinds of conditions included in the day to day. It is designed for drivers who are not so experienced in driving this type of luxury vehicles.

In short, the Ferrari 488 GTB is a luxury sports car that has been designed to adapt to the driver. Its sound has been improved and the exterior of the car has improved structurally. Especially noteworthy is a double-fronted spoiler and its air intakes with a salid base. At the rear, its active aerodynamics paired with a flown spoiler cannot be overlooked. The electronic controls of the Ferrari 488 GTB make its power and performance available instantly and very easy to control.


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