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Range Rover Vogue SD V8

The Range Rover Vogue is an off-roader of which there are hardly any left. Pure muscle with its up to 525 hp that will give us a maximum speed of 225 km / h with a time of 0 to 100 of 5.4 seconds. Perfect for drivers who like adventure and know that they can pass anywhere with the machine in their hands.

The popular premium SUV has been revamped with this model and now has a more modern image alongside a redesigned cabin. Significant changes have been made to the bodywork compared to its predecessor. The grille has been redesigned and on both sides features new LED headlights. The front and rear bumpers have been revised to add muscularity. There are new wheel designs, as well as a wider color palette with new shades.

Inside, the infotainment comes from the InControl Touch Pro Duo system, controllable through a 10-inch touch screen. You can also benefit from the digital instrumentation formed by a 12-inch screen or a new Head-Up Display. Connectivity is another point that has improved, even having 4G WiFi service.


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